Optimization Based Control of Pressure regulation for Mechanical Ventilation System using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization (ABC) algorithm [post]

Anitha Thilakar, Gopu Govindasamy
2022 unpublished
This study proposes a lung mechanics model that replicates respiratory alveolar ventilation. A PC-based algorithm for mechanical ventilation support system is becoming increasingly popular because of its superior performance, efficiency, and ease of operation, A person having problem in the respiratory tract, an artificial ventilator machine with respiratory support is used. In the framework of proportional assist ventilation, optimization based feedback controller design for life support
more » ... l ventilators are explored. Investigated systematically persistence of the lungs pressure–volume with residual volume all accord with the model (RV). A typical time-delay system is a pressure and volume regulated mechanical ventilation system, which is used to treat patients who are unable to breathe effectively under their own. The proposed work an Artifcial Bee Colony optimization (ABC) can be practiced along with PID to identify optimal solutions to the tradeoffs inherent in mechanical Ventilation, in conjunction with a validated pulmonary physiology simulator. The Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) method is an optimization technique based on honeybee swarms unique inventive observance. The proposed research work discusses the instant phase of the art in the field of algorithms like Artificial Bee Colony, Harmony Search(HS),Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO) for mechanical ventilation. The proposed investigation deliberates the optimization for the ventilation and among these Artificial Bee Colony optimization gives the refined output of 200 cm of H2O at 20 cm of H2O while confronting with the Harmony Search (HS) provides 100 cm of H2O at 20 cm of H2O and Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO) 60 cm of H2O at 20 cm of H2O. Artificial Bee Colony optimization furnishes the enhanced amount of pressure and volume respectively.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-1419966/v1 fatcat:gch4vaznengcvnjzfca6vuailm