Interaction of simulation and analytic methods in modelling of ecological and biological objects

D. A. Sarancha, O. P. Lyulyakin, R. V. Trashcheev
2012 Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling  
A complex method of study is proposed, which includes a complete set of operations combining formal and informal methods, simulation and analytic approaches. This method has been used in construction and analysis of a set of models of tundra cenosis, i.e., 'vegetation-lemmingspolar foxes' (VLPF) model, an individual-oriented model (IOM) of a lemming population, and a simplified model in the form of a difference equation. Calculation formulas relating the parameters of the VLPF model and the
more » ... F model and the difference equation are obtained, hypotheses concerning the principal mechanisms determining fluctuations in animal populations are formulated. Analysis of the properties of the difference equation and their manifestations in the VLPF and IOM models is performed.
doi:10.1515/rnam-2012-0027 fatcat:nejmk7s6srebhjjuvbbu4q5smq