Multi-Block Mixed Sample Semi-Supervised Learning for SAR Target Recognition

Ye Tian, Jianguo Sun, Pengyuan Qi, Guisheng Yin, Liguo Zhang
2021 Remote Sensing  
In recent years, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) automatic target recognition has played a crucial role in multiple fields and has received widespread attention. Compared with optical image recognition with massive annotation data, lacking sufficient labeled images limits the performance of the SAR automatic target recognition (ATR) method based on deep learning. It is expensive and time-consuming to annotate the targets for SAR images, while it is difficult for unsupervised SAR target
more » ... AR target recognition to meet the actual needs. In this situation, we propose a semi-supervised sample mixing method for SAR target recognition, named multi-block mixed (MBM), which can effectively utilize the unlabeled samples. During the data preprocessing stage, a multi-block mixed method is used to interpolate a small part of the training image to generate new samples. Then, the new samples are used to improve the recognition accuracy of the model. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, experiments are carried out on the moving and stationary target acquisition and recognition (MSTAR) data set. The experimental results fully demonstrate that the proposed MBM semi-supervised learning method can effectively address the problem of annotation insufficiency in SAR data sets and can learn valuable information from unlabeled samples, thereby improving the recognition performance.
doi:10.3390/rs13030361 fatcat:z2za27sxb5gu5kpeojky4vmwem