$sup 131$I release from a HTGR during the LOFC accident [report]

J.E. Foley
1975 unpublished
Price: Printed Copy $400 Microfiche $2.25 Thifc rcpon mi prepared •» an account of work iponsored J b\ the (tailed Slateit <*avera«eni. Neither the tmitrd Statei i •or the 1'niled Stale* Knew Re»c«rrh and Dcvplcpatefit Ad-fj ministration, nor anv of their employee*, nor anv of (heir ran-j] tmrlont, •ubrontraclora, *r their employee*, makea any 3 warranty, opreuor implied], or aMUWtaaay leajat liahilitvor retpMtlMlity for the accuracy, compleleneti, or uaefulneia of an* information, apparalui.
more » ... ation, apparalui. product, *r f.oce»it dlKlaaed, or repreienta that ila utr would nat infriiiir privately owned 131 I RELEASE FROM AN HTGR DURING THE LOFC ACCIDENT ABSTRACT -NOTICE-
doi:10.2172/4206604 fatcat:y7sspcvgbzbcvm66jt65uli56i