Research and Development [chapter]

Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology  
In this Paper we Discuss about Hamming Code Detecting and Correcting errors in Credit Card Information such as Card Number,Expiry Date and CVV Number .card can store the card holder information in chip .chip transmit the card holders information in binary form.the detection and correction of error two types ,the type detects the errors during the transmission and the second type corrects the errors during the common type of error detecting code is the parity check code used in
more » ... check code used in credit card. a (7,4) code, because it requires seven bits to encoded four bits of data. implementation of Hamming codes.Parity bit is used to detect the errors in codeword.Parity bit check whether the error occur in the card holder information or not and how to correct the error in the bit and it can implemented in Hamming Code Genarator Matrix using Neural Networks. Hamming developed technique for detecting and correcting single bit errors in transmitted data. The technique requires that three parity bits (or check bits) be transmitted with every four data bits. The algorithm is called
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