Multilingual Automatic Speech Recognizer

Gitanjali Pawar, P Student
Automatic speech recognition (ASR) frameworks are used in every day by a large number of people worldwide to manage messages, control devices, start seeks or to encourage data input in small devices. The client involvement in these situations depends on the nature of the speech translations and on the responsiveness of the framework. For multilingual clients, a further impediment to common connection is the monolingual character of various ASR frameworks, in which clients are constrained to a
more » ... constrained to a single present language. In this work, presents an end-to-end multi-language ASR that permits clients to choose subjective combinations of talked language. In that system function is also performed by language identification scheme additionally with two persons communicate with different language in that one person language is converted into another person language Keyword: Automatic speech recognition (ASR), deep neural network (DNN), language identification (LID), multilingual.