Remarkable Spiral Galaxies in Dark Energy Survey Data Release 2 [post]

Michael J Longo
2021 unpublished
A visual study of spiral galaxies from a subset of spiral galaxies in the Dark Energy Survey Data Release 2 finds that a significant number show long tails of baryonic matter, often much longer than the apparent diameter of the galaxy. Examples from less than 10% of the candidates are shown here and their possible origin is discussed. The tails were only seen connected to spiral galaxies; no examples of tails connected to elliptical galaxies or to artifacts were found. In many examples the tail
more » ... is associated with what appears to be a colliding galaxy, but in many others there is no sign of one. An intriguing possibility is that in the latter cases the tails are produced by an encounter with an unseen object, either a massive black hole or a compact galaxy with mostly dark matter.
doi:10.20944/preprints202104.0437.v1 fatcat:gikfdhqqjjgoxatk4lzd3srvcy