Targeted Degradation of Transcription Factors by TRAFTACs: Transcription Factor Targeting Chimeras [article]

Kusal Samarasinghe, Saul Jaime-Figueroa, Katherine Dai, Zhenyi Hu, Craig M Crews
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Many diseases, including cancer, stem from aberrant activation and overexpression of oncoproteins that are associated with multiple signaling pathways. Although proteins with catalytic activity are able to be successfully drugged, the majority of other protein families, such as transcription factors, remain intractable due to their lack of ligandable sites. In this study, we report the development of TRAnscription Factor TArgeting Chimeras (TRAFTACs) as a generalizable strategy for targeted
more » ... gy for targeted transcription-factor degradation. Herein, we show that TRAFTACs, which consist of a chimeric oligonucleotide that simultaneously binds to the transcription-factor of interest (TOI) and to HaloTag fused dCas9 protein, can induce degradation of the former via the proteasomal pathway. Application of TRAFTACs to two oncogenic TOIs, NF-κB and brachyury, suggests that TRAFTACs can be successfully employed for the targeted degradation of other DNA-binding proteins with minor changes to the chimeric oligonucleotide.
doi:10.1101/2020.10.12.336529 fatcat:rrpx6x3lb5d5xg7mmikywmr4su