Influence of Railway Transport on Land Use Change and Urban Center Formation Mechanism

秀娟 和
2018 Advances in Geosciences  
To study the land use change associated with the railway transport construction is of great significance to enhance the passenger flow of metro transport, restore the development benefits of Metro Transit, direct the reasonable layout of city space structure, and save the restricted land resources. With a city of Fukuoka in Japan as a case, this paper analyzes the land use change, population density, and formation mechanism of city center along with the subway lines during the 30 years of
more » ... 006. The results show that the development of subway transport impels the high-density exploitation and highly intense utilization of land resource along the subway lines, alters the land use model, and guides the spatial re-distribution of urban population; meanwhile, the converging point of subway transport lines, as well as the transport hub of subway and other transport ways have becoming the deputy centers of the city.
doi:10.12677/ag.2018.82036 fatcat:l6kmtutse5fangklwz6oxbtdue