Spinoglenoid notched ganglion cyst with a subtle SLAP tear, and acromio-humeral impingement findings veiling the real radiological picture: An MRI lesson [post]

Emrah Dogan, Hüseyin Aydoğmuş, Sinem Aydoğmuş
2021 unpublished
Spinoglenoid notch ganglion cyst (SNGC) is a rare shoulder cystic lesion. It is usually associated with superior labrum anteroposterior (SLAP) tears. SNGC can typically cause compression of the suprascapular nerve at the spinoglenoid notch. The aim of our paper is to draw attention to the relation of SNGC cyst with SLAP tears and to raise awareness so that accompanying low-grade labral tears are not overlooked. In addition, since these findings usually accompanied by acromioclavicular joint
more » ... rtrophy, the clinic table accidentally can be linked with impingement. The patient applied to our hospital with a complaint of weakness and mild pain in his arm. External rotation was difficult in the examination. Linear type I SLAP tear associated with degeneration was detected. The radiological findings of SLAP tear were subtle, and there were additional findings that could be interpreted as impingement. A lobulated and multiloculated cyst was observed in the supraglenoid notch.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-521351/v1 fatcat:sstjuaw6xzbwxaam5yxixm4czq