Flexible Power Distribution Technology Based on Modular DC Charging Pile

Weifeng Zhang, Zhengjun Jin, Shuxuan Song, Tao Feng, Yisheng Mao
2021 DEStech Transactions on Materials Science and Engineering  
With the rapid development of electric vehicle industry in China, the contradiction between the increasing users' demand for real-time charging and the unbalanced planning and design of charging piles is increasingly apparent. DC charging pile on the market is developed rapidly, but its structure is with multi-gun to one-pile. It is difficult to meet the demand of different kinds of electric vehicle battery charging, different battery capacity and the user expected charging time. To solve the
more » ... ime. To solve the problems, a flexible power distribution method of DC charging pile is proposed in this paper. When multiple EV in different types and states are charged at the same time, and the actual charging demands of each user and the charging battery are considered, the power module can be dynamically switched to realize the flexible power distribution, the idea of flexible power distribution is described. Then the algorithm steps of power distribution were presented. Finally, the Matlab/Simulink was used for example analysis to simulate the power distribution process when different initial SOC batteries were charged simultaneously.
doi:10.12783/dtmse/ameme2020/35579 fatcat:uvhwzooczrab5ad55v3e7yntnm