An Improved AES S-box Based on Fibonacci Numbers and Prime Factor

Kamsiah Mohamed, Fakariah Hani Hj Mohd Ali, Suriyani Ariffin, Nur Hafiza Zakaria, Mohd Nazran Mohammed Pauzi
2018 International Journal of Network Security  
This paper emphasises the study on ways of constructing the substitution boxes (S-boxes). To improve the strength of block cipher, a new proposed substitution box for symmetric key cryptography was designed based on Fibonacci numbers and prime factor. This new security approach was designed for better security of block ciphers. The level of security S-box was evaluated based on the cryptographic properties such as balance criteria, nonlinearity, correlation immunity, algebraic degree,
more » ... cy order, propagation, number of fixed points and opposite fixed points, algebraic immunity, robustness to differential cryptanalysis, signal to noise ratio (SNR) Differential Power Analysis (DPA) as well as confusion coefficient. The AES S-box and the new proposed S-box were analysed to verify the cryptographical security of the S-box. Result showed that the new proposed S-box using the Fibonacci numbers and prime factor possessed good cryptographic properties compared to the AES S-box.
dblp:journals/ijnsec/MohamedAAZP18 fatcat:q362v4qkzzb55nfq7ihwdwwwvy