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1884 Scientific American  
A car gate has been patented by Mr. Chas. B. Hnghes, of St. Lonis, Mo. A series of bars form the gate, and combined therewith are tubes inserted in the car wall and adapted to receive the bars, each bar baving a roller on its free end to run on the inner sur face of the pipe. A car coupling has been patented by Mr. Ferdinand P. Fisher, of Numidia, Pa. This invention covers a novel con.trnClion and combillation of parts for an automatic coupler, providing means to receive li nd catch the common
more » ... d catch the common link, whether carried by a spe_ cial or by the common draw head, and to guard the link against being broken. An injector has been patented by Mr. Silas W. Moreland, of Geneva, O. 'l'hi� invention provid"" ror utilizing an auxiliary steam jet to Ie-enforce and ac celerate the efiect of a primary jet, so as to render the Injector more efiective with any pressure of the sleam and more reliable witt, variable pressnres, besides af fording a simple and cheap construction. A steam boiler bas been patented by Mr. Jose Rosello, of lIavana, Cnba. Its outer sbell i8 formed of a 11xed section and II vertically removable section, with· a casing surronnding the outer shel!, and with an opening in which the shell can 11t closely, so that it can be cleaned readily, and scale and other de posits removed from the tnbes and the inner surface of the sides of the boiler. A snow plow has been patented by Mr. George A. Gunther, of New Utrecht, N_ Y. This In ventioll cover� an improvement on a former patent of the same inventor, and provides tor a snow plow witll a cannoD or firing blor.k, with a branchi ng longitudinal bore, II wheel for reCeiving cartrid�e. or torj:Jedoe8, gearing forrevolvin� tbe wheel, and otber novel fea tures, for loosening and scatterln� the euow.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09131884-169d fatcat:cjvudm2yk5ektpfi4vxqkrnyfe