Yvonne Ginez-Gonzales
2015 Zenodo  
The Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA) recognizes women Veterans (WVs) as the fastest growing demographic group within the Veteran population. To reduce mortality and deaths from breast cancer, VHA guidelines recommend routine mammography screenings for women ages 50 to 74. As of Fall 2014, this Southern California large federal healthcare system (HCS) organization did not have a systematic way to monitor outpatient WV recommended screening due dates or follow-ups within the complex
more » ... onic healthcare records (EHR). Given this, a population-based Microsoft Access database was developed as a tool to proactively manage preventive mammography screenings by serving as a reliable tracking and reminder system. When used as a tracking tool by system-wide clinics, it will help improve screening adherence, and should decrease or eliminate the potential that WVs would miss follow-up appointments for abnormal findings. Following implementation, evaluation of database effectiveness will include comparison of 3-month baseline preventive performance measures and abnormal follow-up exams (manual tracking) to a 3-month period after implementation of the database system. User satisfaction will be assessed using the Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction (QUIS). Once in use, consideration may be given to expanding the database to track other key prevention measures (e.g., pap smears) with appropriate follow-up metrics.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4429278 fatcat:g7zwr4kmjna5xhpiqnllstp7qe