Nucleus and spiral growth mechanisms of nitride semiconductors in metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy

Tetsuya Akasaka, Hideki Yamamoto
2014 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics  
Nucleus and spiral growth mechanisms of GaN and InN are investigated using the selective-area metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (SA-MOVPE) technique on GaN bulk substrates. Nucleus growth of GaN occurs within selective areas having no screw-type dislocations, while spiral growth occurs within selective areas having screw-type dislocations. These growth modes are simultaneously observed on a single substrate in a single growth run. The nucleus and spiral growths of GaN result in the formation of
more » ... n the formation of step-free surfaces and growth spirals, respectively, wherein the interstep distance of growth spirals enables us to estimate the degree of surface supersaturation (σ). The σ dependences of nucleus and spiral growth rates of GaN are experimentally investigated. We found that these dependences are well explained by the classical crystal growth theories advocated by Burton, Cabrera, and Frank. We also investigate nucleation of InN using step-free GaN surfaces as an ideal platform.
doi:10.7567/jjap.53.100201 fatcat:ij2nblf7zra63cfmy5ipmx36dq