Fault tolerance on star graphs

Shuo-Cheng Hu, Chang-Biau Yang
Proceedings the First Aizu International Symposium on Parallel Algorithms/Architecture Synthesis  
The capability of fault tolerance is one of the advantages of multiprocessor systems. In this paper, we shall prove the fault tolerance of star graphs is 2n -5 shall propose an algorithm for examining the connecalgorithm requires O(n310gn) tame. Besides, we im-Bagherzadeh et al. [5] by calculating the cycle structure sage to a node without another nonfaulty neighbors. we shall propose an efficient fault-tolerant broadcasting algorithm. When no fault occurs, our broadcasting algorithm remains
more » ... imal. And the penalty is O(n2) if at most n -2 faults exist. with restriction to the forbidden faulty set. And we 1324 4321 tivity of star graphs when 2n -4 faults exist. The 3412 2413 prove the fault-tolerant routing algorithm proposed by 1423 of a permutation and the avoidance of routing mes-4123 b This calculation needs only constant time. And then, 3142 2143 Figure 1: A 4-dimensional star graph, S4. 176 0-8186-7038-X/95 $4.00 8 1995 IEEE
doi:10.1109/aispas.1995.401340 fatcat:zfwat5caznakjbvoq6pczscdw4