Integrative analysis to identify oncogenic gene expression changes associated with copy number variations of enhancer in ovarian cancer

Xiaoyan Li, Yining Liu, Jiachun Lu, Min Zhao
2017 OncoTarget  
Enhancers are short regulatory regions (50-1500 bp) of DNA that control the tissue-specific activation of gene expression by long distance interaction with targeting gene regions. Recently, genome-wide identification of enhancers in diverse tissues and cell lines was achieved using high-throughput sequencing. Enhancers have been associated with malfunctions in cancer development resulting from point mutations in regulatory regions. However, the potential impact of copy number variations (CNVs)
more » ... n enhancer regions is unknown. To learn more about the relationship between enhancers and cancer, we integrated the CNVs data on enhancers and explored their targeting gene expression pattern in high-grade ovarian cancer. Using human enhancer-gene interaction data with 13,691 interaction pairs between 7,905 enhancers and 5,297 targeting genes, we found that the 2,910 copy number gain events of enhancer are significantly correlated with the up-regulation of targeting genes. We further identified that a number of highly mutated superenhancers, with concordant gene expression change on their targeting genes. We also identified 18 targeting genes by super-enhancers with prognostic significance for ovarian cancer, such as the tumour suppressor CDKN1B. We are the first to report that abundant copy number variations on enhancers could change the expression of their targeting genes which would be valuable for the design of enhancer-based cancer treatment strategy.
doi:10.18632/oncotarget.21227 pmid:29207666 pmcid:PMC5710946 fatcat:ajg2ozaprvd6pfs3jwtqryz5kq