M. O. Way, M. S. Nunez, R. A. Pearson, T. E. Reagan, J. M. Beuzelin
2009 Arthropod Management Tests  
Mexican rice borer (MRB): Eoreuma loftini (Dyar) Sugarcane borer (SCB): Diatraea saccharalis (F.) L79-1002 is an energy cane variety with potential for becoming a biofuel in SE Texas. Little or no data exist regarding stalk borer damage and control in energy cane in SE Texas. The experiment was conducted in a commercial energy cane field in Nome, TX and was designed as a RCB with 5 treatments and 4 replications. Plot size was 3 rows (5.5 ft between rows), 24 ft long. Treatments were applied 1
more » ... ts were applied 1 Jul (plants were 10 ft tall with 7 nodes) and 2 Aug (plants were 15 ft tall with 13 nodes). Treatments were applied with a hand-held CO2 pressurized spray rig with 3 nozzles (8002VS) and 50 mesh screens. The spray boom was held vertically, so vertical spray swath was 6 ft. Final spray volume was 50.6 gpa. All treatments were tank-mixed with Aero Dyne-Amic at 0.05% v/v. Cane in each row was sprayed on each side of the row, so for each plot, 6 spray passes were performed (3 rows per plot, 2 passes per row). From 8-11 Sep, 12 stalks were randomly removed from the middle row of each plot. Stalks were weighed and dissected for damage (bored internodes). On the same date, stalk counts (no. of stalks per 10 ft row) were taken in the middle row of each plot. Data converted to percentages were transformed using arcsine. All data were analyzed by ANOVA and means separated by LSD.
doi:10.4182/amt.2009.f54 fatcat:a25top7ydrggdbcgaqxrnvr7ae