AEROSTACK: An architecture and open-source software framework for aerial robotics

Jose Luis Sanchez-Lopez, Ramon A. Suarez Fernandez, Hriday Bavle, Carlos Sampedro, Martin Molina, Jesus Pestana, Pascual Campoy
2016 2016 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS)  
To simplify the usage of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), extending their use to a great number of applications, fully autonomous operation is needed. There are many open-source architecture frameworks for UAS that claim the autonomous operation of UAS, but they still have two main open issues: (1) level of autonomy, being in most of the cases limited and (2) versatility, being most of them designed specifically for some applications or aerial platforms. As a response to these needs and
more » ... , this paper presents Aerostack, a system architecture and open-source multi-purpose software framework for autonomous multi-UAS operation. To provide higher degrees of autonomy, Aerostack's system architecture integrates state of the art concepts of intelligent, cognitive and social robotics, based on five layers: reactive, executive, deliberative, reflective, and social. To be a highly versatile practical solution, Aerostack's open-source software framework includes the main components to execute the architecture for fully autonomous missions of swarms of UAS; a collection of ready-to-use and flight proven modular components that can be reused by the users and developers; and compatibility with five well known aerial platforms, as well as a high number of sensors. Aerostack has been validated during three years by its successful use on many research projects, international competitions and exhibitions. To corroborate this fact, this paper also presents Aerostack carrying out a fictional fully autonomous indoors search and rescue mission. 5 Aerostack webpage: and Aerostack Github repository: Aerostack
doi:10.1109/icuas.2016.7502591 fatcat:yiw27zklrbaxllunffgdrwihe4