LXI.—The action of bromine on potassium ferricyanide

Edgar J. Reynolds
1888 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
Im studying the action of the halogens on potassium ferricyanide with the view of obtaining the so-called superferricyanide of potassium, I noticed that a black substance was produced in the later stages of the action. The formation of this was so general, that the reaction seemed to merit further study; it was only observed, however, when the bromine was in excess; when the ferricyanide was in excess, a blue substance was formed very much resembling prussian blue, but apparently it was not
more » ... ntly it was not homogeneous, and probably contained besides prussian blue, Turnbull's blue and the black substance already mentioned. It has been known for some time that when chlorine in excess is passed into a solution of potassium ferrocynnide o r ferricyanide, and the liquid is heated to boiling, a cyanide of iron generally known by the name of Pelouze's green is formed, and that if the action is con-
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