2017/1 issue read download 2017/1 – Content Nest-like BaO•6Fe2O3 microspheres with hierarchical porous structure for drug delivery

S. Torres-Cadenas, Alejandro Bravo-Patino, Juan Zarate-Medina, Maria Eugenia Contreras-García
2017 Építőanyag: Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Materials  
recent years a surge has been seen in magnetic nanoparticles applications in several areas, particularly in biomedical field. the promising features of the iron oxide based magnetic nanoparticles make them an ideal tool for mri contrast agents, hyperthermia, and as drug delivery systems (DDs). the present paper describes the design and synthesis of Bao·6Fe 2 o 3 nanostructured meso-macroporous spherical aggregates by sol-gel method via spray drying technique. the obtained spherical aggregates
more » ... erical aggregates have micrometric size, which let them to be carried by the bloodstream to a specific site where the drug is going to be release. the obtained hierarchical porous structure combined with the interconnected mesoporosity allow the body fluids to be transport through the aggregates; and the macroporosity allows the load of large molecules, like peptides. Furthermore, the structural and morphological characterization of the obtained Bao·6Fe 2 o 3 aggregates were carried out using X-ray diffraction and field emission scanning electron microscopy. keywords: nest-like morphology, hierarchical porous structure, drug delivery, barium hexaferrite.
doi:10.14382/epitoanyag-jsbcm.2017.1 fatcat:6pnhrkfvdzbtnjfargolfp3jbq