Effectiveness of the African Bereavement Counseling Techniques: A Case of Shona People of Zimbabwe: Implications for Open and Distance Learning Institutions

2016 International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education  
This study was a qualitative case study on the effectiveness of the African bereavement counseling techniques on the Shona people of Zimbabwe. The study focused on one phenomenon that is, African bereavement counseling, so as to understand it in depth regardless of being other cultures in Africa. The participants for the study were drawn from the five wards in Marondera Urban. A sample of 20 participants was chosen through snowball sampling and these were subjected to interviews. The study
more » ... ews. The study noted that grieving people were affected with long term psychological consequences such as depression, anxiety, past traumatic stress disorder, behaviour problems, suicidal ideation and reduced psychological functioning. The study also established that African Bereavement counseling techniques were very effective in counseling the bereaved. The grieving styles can make one's bereavement burden easy. It was also established, however, that the Shona cultural ways of assisting the bereaved were not enough as they tended to bunch the adolescents to bottle up their emotions thus hastening their recovery. There is need for bereavement intervention programmes and ODL institutions, due to their geographical advantage, can be able to make provisions for counselling for those who suffer bereavement. ZOU through the Department of Counselling in the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, can play a leading role through Programme Coordinators in the ten geo-political provinces. These can study the bereavement practices in their areas and find out ways of assisting those in moaning. Counselors should be multicultural when dealing with grieving issues. It is more therapeutic to help a client in his /her frame of reference thus in client's cultural setting. ZOU can play a role which could see the institution realising a major in terms of popularity which might translate to huge enrolment figures. Failure to incorporate the bereaved in the proceedings of the funeral arrangements might hamper the bereaved from accepting the situation hence feelings of guilt and remorse are likely to torment the
doi:10.20431/2349-0381.0302007 fatcat:athtnuxqsba2dfq7ucqzo5ibqm