Инновационные разработкиВНИИЛМ – в практикулесного хозяйства

А.А. Мартынюк
The paper highlights promising areas of VNIILM operation. It is pointed out that lately the Institute has to address more urgent so-called applied challenges that need rather prompt actions. Successful suppression of Siberian moth outbreaks in 2017 in Siberian region is an example of such operation. Coordinated and well organized operation of multiple level managers, researchers and producers enabled such result. Studies related to wild fire prevention and suppression, post fire adaptation and
more » ... ire adaptation and forest regeneration are the Institute priorities. This is a goal of VNIILM subsidiary Forest pyrology, forest ecosystem protection technology development and forest regeneration Center establishment in Krasnoyarsk in 2018. Development and implementation of new procedures to assess forest resources with Earth remote sensing and domestic satellite image analysis is one of the surging areas. The paper focuses on other promising research areas as well. Forest resource pricing improvement primarily based on rent pattern is a priority area in forest economics. Institute cooperation experience with other sectoral institutions is stressed.
doi:10.24419/lhi.2304-3083.2018.3.01 fatcat:ay4dukho35g5bhqz2gkzqmsvwi