Capabilities for Probing of Upper Atmosphere Density Variations and Seismic-Orbital Effects Using Small-Size Spacecraft

A. V. Tertyshnikov
2020 Pribory i Metody Izmerenij  
The miniature spacecraft have a high ballistic coefficient, which is advantageous for the resolution of sensing the density of the upper atmosphere. The purpose of this work is to show new features of the "falling spheres method" based on the miniaturization of the Spacecraft. The "falling spheres method" is used to probe variations in the density of the upper atmosphere.A technical solution for diagnostics of orbital sections with abnormal changes in the speed and acceleration of spacecraft
more » ... ipped with onboard navigation receivers and micro-accelerometers is considered.The technical result of the proposed development is the efficiency and cost – effectiveness of sounding variations in the density of the upper atmosphere, seismic-orbital effects-variations in the density of the atmosphere over earthquake-regions and the seismic hazard.
doi:10.21122/2220-9506-2020-11-4-305-312 fatcat:i5mqbygrmvcmrm3kj2xdh3x6oq