Suppressed martensitic transformation under biaxial loading in low stacking fault energy metastable austenitic steels

E. Polatidis, W.-N. Hsu, M. Šmíd, T. Panzner, S. Chakrabarty, P. Pant, H. Van Swygenhoven
2018 Scripta Materialia  
The effect of uniaxial/biaxial loading on the martensitic transformation of a low stacking fault energy, metastable austenitic stainless steel was studied by in-situ neutron diffraction on cruciform-shaped/dogbone samples. Uniaxial loading favors the martensitic transformation following the sequence γ → ε → α′, where at low strains εmartensite is the precursor of α′. During equibiaxial-loading, the evolving texture suppresses the formation of ε-martensite and considerably less α′-martensite is
more » ... bserved at high strains. The results are discussed with respect to the deformation textures, the loading direction and the mechanism of the ε-martensite transformation.
doi:10.1016/j.scriptamat.2017.12.026 fatcat:qk5kqpmhyngp3o24sm6pjsufr4