So, You Think You Know Others' Goals? A Repertory Grid Study

Nan Niu, Steve Easterbrook
2007 IEEE Software  
0 7 4 0 -7 4 5 9 / 0 7 / $ 2 5 . 0 0 © 2 0 0 7 I E E E M a r c h / A Repertory Grid Study P eople filter their observations of the world according to their interests, each person using his or her own conceptual framework. So, when we ask them to describe something, their descriptions differ: they might focus on different aspects and choose different terms. In requirements analysis, stakeholders can have varied expertise areas, distinct responsibilities, and divergent goals. They might disagree
more » ... hey might disagree over how to interpret phenomena in the problem domain, what the requirements are, and stakeholders in RE
doi:10.1109/ms.2007.52 fatcat:5vbibeomfjg47ccpygv6cohssq