Dowry of the representative of the Cossack officer of Hetmanate (on the example of Ye. V. Komarovska

A. Morozova
2020 Zenodo  
Abstract. The article aims to introduce into the scientific circulation and to make an analysis of the historical source – an unknown register of the dowry of 1772 of a representative of the Cossack officers Yevdokiia Vasylivna Komarovska. The register of dowry is stored in the State Archives of Chernihiv Region. Up till now, a small number of similar documents of the government officers of the Chernihiv Regiment were known. The published register of the dowry was studied for the first time,
more » ... ch determines the scientific novelty of the publication. In preparing the publication, the research methods were selected in accordance with the purpose, and the most important were general scientific methods of analysis and deduction. The archeographic publication contains the text of the dowry register and analyzes its content. The circumstances of the document have been clarified and information about the persons mentioned in it has been provided. Conclusions. The internal structure of the document is typical for the registers of dowry representatives of the Cossack officers. The property is classified and has its own internal gradation. Among the dowry is dominated by silver, valuable utensils, money, jewelry, bedding. The study of the articles of the register makes it possible to recreate the life of the representatives of the Cossack officers of that time, to determine the level of wealth of the family of Bunchuk's comrade Vasyl Ivanovych Komarovskyi.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4394356 fatcat:3ra3dvzk25fj3gjudiudcsmx3i