Managing Eutrophication in Nigeria Inland Waters

N. O. Erhunmwunse, A. R. Dirisu, A. E. Ogbeibu
2013 Journal of Water Resource and Protection  
Recently in Nigeria, cultural eutrophication is on the increase in water bodies. Observations from land use around riverine areas are predominantly for farmland and explain the high level of phosphate from runoff during the rainy season. Increased siltation, deforestation, flooding, lumbering activities and other land use perturbation are among the causes of eutrophication. Aquatic animals usually suffer hypoxia and anoxia and the anesthetic quality of water for recreational activities, like
more » ... mming, boating and picnic is reduced. The Federal Ministry of environment (FMENV) and River Basin Authority of Nigeria should ensure that all those involved in effluent discharge into water bodies follow the established frame work and existing guidelines. Point source and non-point sources of pollution should be monitored and the adoption of mathematic model which describes the overall nutrient runoff and the catchment model suitable for describing the overall transport of water and nutrient through the river basin should be encouraged as practiced in Poland.
doi:10.4236/jwarp.2013.57075 fatcat:qc5qasxnebcdlit5sxyluzrqom