Magnetic resonance imaging-based tennis player wrist joints injury diagnosis

Bingguang Luo
With tennis players' increasing requirements of performance, training intensity has been gradually increasing, and lots of players have appeared wrist joints injury to different extents. Based on this, the paper applies magnetic resonance imaging into tennis player wrist joints diagnosis, with an aim to help to cure wrist joints sports injury. Firstly analyze magnetic resonance imaging principle, and magnetic resonance signal detection and image reconstruction, and then combine with computer
more » ... ne with computer technology, it takes pictures and analyzes magnetic resonance imaging with many tennis players that have wrist joints injury, by obtained MRI pictures, it can clearly understand players' wrist joints injury status. Finally take model test and know that MRI pictures analysis results are basically the same as players' reflected wrist joints injury severities, which shows magnetic resonance imaging, can better apply to wrist joints injury diagnosis and other similar sports injury diagnosis. 