Performance Characterization of Streaming Video over Multipath TCP

Ryota Matsufuji, Dirceu Cavendish, Kazumi Kumazoe, Daiki Nobayashi, Takeshi Ikenaga, Yuji Oie
Video streaming has become the major source of Internet traffic nowadays. Considering that content delivery network providers have adopted Video over Hypertext Transfer Protocol/Transmission Control Protocol (HTTP/TCP) as the preferred protocol stack for video streaming, understanding TCP performance in transporting video streams has become paramount. Recently, multipath transport protocols have become available. In this paper, we evaluate the performance of Multipath TCP in conjunction with
more » ... ious TCP variants in transporting video streams over multiple paths. We utilize network performance measurers, as well as video quality metrics, to characterize the performance and interaction between network and application layers of video streams for various network scenarios. Overall, Cubic delivers best streaming performance over various path scenarios.