Reactive Oxygen Species: The Good and the Bad [chapter]

Roma Patel, Lindsey Rinker, Joanna Peng, William M. Chilian
2018 Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Living Cells  
This chapter summarizes recent research on the biology of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The chapter is focused on the bimodal actions of ROS, which can be summarized as both beneicial and negative. The beneicial aspects of ROS are related to their efects on the redox state of cells and the important role that some ROS play in signaling cascade. The detrimental efects of ROS are related excess amounts of these chemical moieties, which are caused by excessive production and/or insuicient actions
more » ... insuicient actions of endogenous antioxidants. The generation of these species is also discussed.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.71547 fatcat:fxgsaag5pzdi7ixn5qt3xniroi