Secure and Provenance Transmission in Network

Briskilla Krishnadevi, Kalarani Mr, Jayaprakash
2016 IJSTE-International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering |   unpublished
Data provenance represents a key factor in evaluating the trustworthiness of sensor data. Provenance management for sensor networks introduces several challenging requirements, such as low energy and bandwidth consumption, efficient storage and secure transmission. To propose a novel lightweight scheme to securely transmit provenance for sensor data. The proposed technique relies on in-packet Bloom filters to encode provenance. We introduce efficient mechanisms for provenance verification and
more » ... construction at the base station. In addition, the secure provenance scheme to detect packet drop attacks staged by malicious data forwarding nodes. The results prove the effectiveness and efficiency of the lightweight secure provenance scheme in detecting packet forgery and loss attacks. It develop a Homomorphism Linear Authenticator (HLA) based public auditing architecture that allows the detector to verify the truthfulness of the packet drop information reported by nodes.