Content-Based Image Retrieval Based on the Wavelet Transform and Radon Transform

An Zhiyong, Zeng Zhiyong, Zhou Lihua
2007 2007 2nd IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications  
Image Retrieval is very one of the biggest task in the recent years. It is widely used in many real time databases to retrieve related images in various fields like medical, military, online shopping etc. This paper offers with using radon transform followed by PCA and LDA techniques for image retrieval is called as Combined Radon Space Features Set (CRSFS). Caltech 101 database image sets used in this paper. The radon transform used in FFT based slice theorem. The correct direction is select
more » ... ans the computation time and complexity of operation is less to achieve good retrieval rate. Here PCA is used to reduce the dimensionality in feature vectors produced by radon transform and LDA is used to find the set of basic vectors which maximizes the radio between-class scatter and within-class scatter. In order to verify our method to various data set in different condition like rotation, scaled and noisy query environments like additive, Gaussian, salt and pepper. And our proposed method was achieving better retrieval rate.
doi:10.1109/iciea.2007.4318736 fatcat:5ptqo7egg5bf5n63qxxj57wndi