Design and Analysis of Go-Kart Chasis According to fsae Constrains

A Basha, P Chandrakanth, J Chandra
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Go-Karting is a big craze to the Americans and Europeans. It is initially created in United States in 1950s and used as a way to pass spare time. Gradually it became a big hobby and other countries followed it. In India go-karting is getting ready to make waves. The first criteria have to be consider is that would be certain amount of Rigidity in the chassis but not too much that would reduce the strength of the kart. Therefore, the design will focused on the front end and the middle section of
more » ... e middle section of the chassis. In order to ensure that the design of the chassis achieve the standard level. Type of simulation used is Finite Element Analysis (FEA) by using SolidWorks. The purpose of this simulation was implementing to investigate the strength and the flexibility of the chassis. The simulations carried out with several altered parameters for flexibility investigation. The maximum stress of all cases are normally acting upon at the point of the bending parts but the value is under the maximum allowable stress of AISI 4130 steel which is 760 MPa and, but we prefer EN22-MS steel pipe with is 480 MPa and achieved the factor of safety as well.