The Structure of Perspective in TYA
Struktura perspektive u kazalištu za djecu i mlade

Iva Gruić
2014 Libri et Liberi  
The paper shows how the authorial choice of perspective influences the spectators' understanding and the experience of performance, and how it can be used for educational and/or artistic purposes. Starting with Pfister's (1998) categorisation of perspective structures, it focuses on the theatre for young audiences (TYA). The authorial choice of perspective is examined in the context of the inner structure of dramatic situation (Greimas' actantial analysis). The results of an empirical
more » ... ion on the effects of experiencing dramatic action from different points of view are discussed with respect to perspective structures in TYA. The effects of perspective choices are further investigated using two examples (a performance and a play), which leads to the conclusion that the understanding of the effects each actantial position has on the viewer's perception and understanding of the dramatic world can be used in planning perspective strategies in writing plays, and in preparing and analysing performances.
doi:10.21066/carcl.libri.2014-03(01).0024 fatcat:xgjwsdy5gne5tml76ebjbkjhma