Colloidal Ordering on a 2D Quasicrystalline Substrate

Michael Schmiedeberg, Holger Stark
2008 Physical Review Letters  
By using Monte Carlo simulations, we study the complex phase behavior of charged-stabilized colloidal particles in a two-dimensional substrate potential with quasicrystalline decagonal symmetry. In the regime where the strengths of the substrate and colloidal pair potential are comparable, we identify a novel and unexpected quasicrystalline phase with pure 20-fold bond order and a disordered structure without any apparent rotational symmetry. Furthermore, we demonstrate how phasonic
more » ... s in the substrate potential induce phasonic flips in the colloidal monolayer.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.101.218302 pmid:19113456 fatcat:fo7dsvbk4zaohp7uvkzk2yxjle