Kehinde S.A., Ebenezer I., Omolade R.O., Olusola O.E.
2022 Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences  
This article reviews the important of biodiversity in Nigeria; Nigeria is enriched with large natural resources which include non-agricultural and agricultural resources. Each resource has its own peculiarities. In agricultural resource, its role on economic growth and nation development cannot be over-emphasized. Apart from production of food crop, wildlife also plays some important roles in any nation's growth. Man has been known to be depended on plants and animals for food. A good
more » ... relationship between animals and plants in the same ecosystem yields robust and better diversity. Nigeria has being place of high importance on biodiversity in a variety of ways. Food, raw materials, a wide range of goods and services, genetic information for agroforestry, medicines and health-care assistance, household and commercial items, aesthetics and cultural values all come from the country's biodiversity. It also delivers green ecosystem services that help to improve the environment and educate people about the natural world. Biodiversity values within Nigeria were directly tied to a diverse range of ecosystems which exist in multiple ecological zones. The use of biodiversity and the amount of protection are both influenced by different cultural varieties.
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