Polarization-sensitive photocurrent in the resistive Ag/Pd films

A S Saushin, R G Zonov, K G Mikheev, R R Shamshetdinov, G M Mikheev
2016 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
We report on the observation of helicity dependent photocurrent of the 20 μm thick silver-palladium (Ag/Pd) films manufactured by the thick-film technology. The transverse photocurrent is observed at oblique incidence of laser radiation with different wavelengths in the spectral range of 266 -2100 nm. At the wavelength range of 532 -2100 nm the polarity of the transverse photocurrent is positive (negative) for the left-(right-) circular polarized beam. We show that action of high temperature on
more » ... the films in vacuum results in the decrease of longitudinal photocurrent due to the reduction of PdO content. The photon drag effect is suggested to be the origin of the polarization-sensitive photocurrent in the Ag/Pd films. The obtained results show that the Ag/Pd resistive films may be of interest for polarizationsensitive measurements.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/741/1/012093 fatcat:umumsexfszbo5h6lwlp47edm4a