Bacteriocins Produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria and the Applications

1999 Japanese Journal of Lactic Acid Bacteria  
F i g . 1 . Structure of Representative Bacteriocins. (A) Lantibiotics. The shaded residues indicate amino acids which have undergone post-translational modification. Da, 2,3-dehydroalanine; Db, (Z)-2,3-didehydrobutyrine; A-S-A, (2S,6R)-lanthionine; Ab-S-A, (2S, 3S, 6R)-3-methyllanthionine. Ala residues marked with an asterisk are in the D-configuration. In addition, the bridging arrangement of lactocin S is not conclusive, and it is the only possible arrangement. (B) Class Ha. Concensus
more » ... es of YGNGV and CXXXXCXV in their N-terminal are highlighted in shaded boxes. Disulfide bonds are formed between Cys9 and Cys" in mesentericin Y105, sakacin P and pediocin PA-1, and between Cys' and Cys' in divercin V41. In addition, an extra disulfide bond is formed between Cys24 and Cys44 in pediocin PA-1, and between Cys25 and Cys43 in divercin V41. (C) Class Ina. Underlines indicate the position of the predicted transmembrane helix.
doi:10.4109/jslab1997.10.2 fatcat:4ukjmz36tzf4toe3xfo4hemmxe