Workshop Collaborative City

Teresa Franqueira, Giulia Simeone
2019 Zenodo  
This paper describes a workshop that will explore the social and sustainable dimensions of cities based on the concept of a Collaborative City, that is, a city with kernels of creativity, which are constituted by: social services, artistic and economic activities; a city where local authorities create opportunities for citizens participation, bottom-up creativity and collaborative services. This collaborative city is a place where people interact and enact creating a symbiosis of activities
more » ... s of activities that promote sustainable lifestyles, an active citizenship, social inclusion, cultural diversity and new economic models. We will guide a design exercise on which participants – after an introduction on these topics and case studies description (case history) - will go through a brainstorming session, generating possible solutions in the framework of a concept identity for Chicago as a collaborative city. Afterwards, it will be developed a scenario building, defining specific frameworks to tackle over and choose, in a strategic way, the most relevant scenario(s) to be developed. This will lead us to the next phase (concept generation), making participants think about and develop a specific solution.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2608851 fatcat:cqkd2orwprcpvkubvdueb4cmtu