Analysis of the First Complete DNA Sequence of an Invertebrate Iridovirus: Coding Strategy of the Genome of Chilo Iridescent Virus

Nurith J Jakob, Kristin Müller, Udo Bahr, Gholamreza Darai
2001 Virology  
Chilo iridescent virus (CIV), the type species of the genus Iridovirus, a member of the Iridoviridae family, is highly pathogenic for a variety of insect larvae. The virions contain a single linear ds DNA molecule that is circularly permuted and terminally redundant. The coding capacity and strategy of the CIV genome was elucidated by the analysis of the complete DNA nucleotide sequence of the viral genome (212,482 bp) using cycle sequencing by primer walking technology. Both DNA strands were
more » ... quenced independently and the average redundancy for each nucleotide was found to be 1.85. The base composition of the viral genomic DNA sequence was found to be 71.37% AϩT and 28.63% GϩC. The CIV genome contains 468 open reading frames (ORFs). The size of the individual viral gene products ranges between 40 and 2432 amino acids. The analysis of the coding capacity of the CIV genome revealed that 50% (234 ORFs) of all identified ORFs were nonoverlapping. The comparison of the deduced amino acid sequences to entries in protein data banks led to the identification of several genes with significant homologies, such as the two major subunits of the DNA-dependent RNA polymerase, DNA polymerase, protein kinase, thymidine and thymidylate kinase, thymidylate synthase, ribonucleosidediphosphate reductase, major capsid protein, and others. The highest homologies were detected between putative viral gene products of CIV and lymphocystis disease virus of fish (LCDV). Although many CIV putative gene products showed significant homologies to the corresponding viral proteins of LCDV, no colinearity was detected when the coding strategies of the CIV and LCDV-1 were compared to each other. An intriguing result was the detection of a viral peptide of 53 amino acid residues (ORF 160L) showing high homology (identity/similarity: 60.0%/30.0%) to sillucin, an antibiotic peptide encoded by Rhizomucor pusillus. Iridovirus homologs of cellular genes possess particular implications for the molecular evolution of large DNA viruses.
doi:10.1006/viro.2001.0963 pmid:11448171 fatcat:7od4yztvpvejncf2dvdeo2uqz4