Nanaimo Free Press [Thursday, April 20, 1905] [article]

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rf B'H.»»»l"«J>T»»h»h«i *.>i fi« ^•WUroMar. W*wiHdi»«d«« Mr dMliDg, good qnaUtr aad t |fk»»-lsas nays lbs Raislsas havs diMx.^•rred a toang ■ovwDaat eigiitr miUt nortbeaST 3 luatoa Pass by lao lotcea ot 1,000 ChtaSM bsbditK. aersal thouslawyeis who' axe acting as eouasel luc .Nan PaUanoo in hex Uial lor i) at which tbs plans o( eomptetal >«lir acquittal tUa Uroe" she SoH law-.rMSriVjsi'; ■" •cn months sad three week* is a long bme to be ahat ep is ptiaoe Lawyer Levy aaM to-day. "We have a
more » ... who will tttabliah Nan Pattcnon'a ianoornoe be yond a doubt We go Into tMs Uial a kuadied per cent stronger In point ot evidesoe than we did ItsS fainl. We are not going to rely np«a the laUure ol the prosecution to proee ilncaxe for an acquittal We are goinq to prove the innocence of Nnn Paitei son " WRSTEUN PRtK)RE.S.S. loivK. neverai moan-' a? RAN PATTKitSON. Coimad Ptoxe New York, April SO.-The •dssr hai:Tct iks srcf iSr sSS-dTon 'ia^ Waters of todow^'klaa. ^^irnapw ns Mag a brew* ..f_aeuOramy, tbe ZtrSS^
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