An electronic mean wind speed indicator

1978 Mausam  
A digital mean wind speed indicator which displays the mean wind speed for the past two minutes with the means updated every 10 Sec has been developed in the Instruments Division of the India Meteorological Department, Pune. The Sensor used is a photoelectric cup anemometer with a LED Source. Pulsed output from the sensor is split into 10 sec samples by means of a counter which is reset every 10 Sec and 12 such samples are averaged and displayed as the mean wind speed. The data is updated every
more » ... 10 sec as the old data in the memory is replaced by fresh data from the sampling counter. The equipment can be easily connected to a digital printer to provide a printout of the display.
doi:10.54302/mausam.v29i4.2948 fatcat:npdsrposbnewdcgi2dij6ahsxm