Genetic features of Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) Klebsiella pneumoniae and its Plasmids [post]

Begoña Fuster, Nuria Tormo, Carme Salvador, Neris García, Fernando González-Candelas, Concepcion Gimeno
2019 unpublished
Klebsiella pneumoniae, a major cause of both hospital and community-acquired infections, is listed by the World Health Organization as a critical priority antibiotic- resistant bacterial pathogen. With the appearance of sequencing techniques such as Next-generation Sequencing (NGS), there is the possibility to obtain the whole genome of the bacteria, getting to know all antimicrobial resistance determinants. The purpose of this study has been to apply this new technology to clinical
more » ... linical microbiology, in order to characterize the resistome present in carbapenem-resistant K.pneumoniae strains isolated in a tertiary hospital in Valencia, Spain. A total of 234 isolates were prepared for whole-genome sequencing with Ilumina MiSeq, and sequences were later studied for antimicrobial resistance genes, sequence-typing and plasmids. Sequence-typing showed four major circulating clones in our hospital settings: ST11, ST307, ST101 and ST147, carrying different plasmids and different resistance determinants such as OXA-48 and NDM-1 carbapenemase. Application of new technologies such as whole-genome sequencing in clinical microbiology gives advantages when it comes to rapid therapy adjustment, consequently improving the patient’s clinical outcomes.
doi:10.20944/preprints201912.0215.v1 fatcat:hiqflkl7onf4nj3w477gjnl4wm