Neutron Scattering Study of Novel Magnetic Order inNa0.5CoO2

G. Gašparović, R. A. Ott, J.-H. Cho, F. C. Chou, Y. Chu, J. W. Lynn, Y. S. Lee
2006 Physical Review Letters  
We report polarized and unpolarized neutron scattering measurements of the magnetic order in single crystals of Na0.5CoO2. Our data indicate that below T_N=88 K the spins form a novel antiferromagnetic pattern within the CoO2 planes, consisting of alternating rows of ordered and non-ordered Co ions. The domains of magnetic order are closely coupled to the domains of Na ion order, consistent with such a two-fold symmetric spin arrangement. Magnetoresistance and anisotropic susceptibility
more » ... ceptibility measurements further support this model for the electronic ground state.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.96.046403 pmid:16486856 fatcat:bmrexkz7sfeznks5rf6ccdtrwu