Single and multiple precision sequential large multipliers for field-programmable gate arrays

Ali ŞENTÜRK, Mustafa GÖK
2016 Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences  
This paper presents single and multiple precision sequential large multiplier designs for field-programmable gate arrays. Both designs use the Karatsuba-Ofman method. They are pipelined and can generate a full size (double operand size) or a single size product. The syntheses results show that the sequential large Karatsuba-Ofman multiplier (SLKOM) implementations have up to 2.23 times less delay compared with the standard sequential large multipliers implementations presented in previous
more » ... ch. The 2048-bit multiple precision sequential Karatsuba-Ofman large multiplier (MPSLKOM) implementation can simultaneously execute eight 256-bit multiplications. The MPSLKOM implementations use roughly 1% more registers and up to 3% more LUTs than the SLKOM implementations.
doi:10.3906/elk-1405-107 fatcat:mwehjtcvyrgn5h4rx3z4uk76sa