Slowly seeing the light: an integrative review on ecological light pollution as a potential threat for mollusks

Ahmed A. A. Hussein, Erik Bloem, István Fodor, El-Sayed Baz, Menerva M. Tadros, Maha F. M. Soliman, Nahla S. El-Shenawy, Joris M. Koene
2020 Environmental science and pollution research international  
AbstractSeasonal changes in the natural light condition play a pivotal role in the regulation of many biological processes in organisms. Disruption of this natural condition via the growing loss of darkness as a result of anthropogenic light pollution has been linked to species-wide shifts in behavioral and physiological traits. This review starts with a brief overview of the definition of light pollution and the most recent insights into the perception of light. We then go on to review the
more » ... n to review the evidence for some adverse effects of ecological light pollution on different groups of animals and will focus on mollusks. Taken together, the available evidence suggests a critical role for light pollution as a recent, growing threat to the regulation of various biological processes in these animals, with the potential to disrupt ecosystem stability. The latter indicates that ecological light pollution is an environmental threat that needs to be taken seriously and requires further research attention.
doi:10.1007/s11356-020-11824-7 pmid:33341922 fatcat:7rme42kue5ec5elialmm5zirhy