Genome-wide variation of the somatic mutation frequency in transgenic plants

I. Kovalchuk
2000 EMBO Journal  
In order to analyse the frequency of point mutations in whole plants, several constructs containing single nonsense mutations in the b-glucuronidase (uidA) gene were used to generate transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana plants. Upon histochemical staining of transgenic plants, sectors indicative of transgene reactivation appeared. Reversion frequencies were in the range of 10 ±7 ±10 ±8 events per base pair, exceeding the previous estimates for other eukaryotes at least 100fold. The frequency was
more » ... ndent on the position of the mutation substrate within the transgene and the position of the transgene within the Arabidopsis genome. An inverse relationship between the level of transgene transcription and mutation frequency was observed in single-copy lines. DNA-damaging factors induced the mutation frequency by a factor of up to 56 for UV-C, a factor of 3 for X-rays and a factor of 2 for methyl methanesulfonate. This novel plant mutation-monitoring system allowed us to measure the frequencies of point mutation in whole plants and may be used as an alternative or complement to study the mutagenicity of different environmental factors on the higher eukaryote's genome.
doi:10.1093/emboj/19.17.4431 pmid:10970837 pmcid:PMC302052 fatcat:qzuza4b7mrho3g7aih4nwcnxly