Brief review of HLA profile and clinical presentation of multiple sclerosis in Iran

Kalanie Hossein
2020 Journal of Clinical Research and Ophthalmology  
HLA typing, the natural course and clinical fi ndings of 79 and 200 defi nite MS cases in Iran was respectively reviewed [1,2]. Results drawn from our 79 Iranian MS patients revealed an association between MS and HLA types A 24, DR 2, and DR 15, each with a relative risk of 1.9 times of controls. This genetically determined increased risk is best explained by assuming the existence of an MS susceptibility gene which has been identifi ed in linkage studies with HLA DR 15 and DR 2 loci on
more » ... R 2 loci on chromosome 6. This association of DR 2 and DR 15 HLA types with MS in Iranian patients is in line with studies done in other parts of the word [3-6]. In the analysis of HLA class 1, we found a positive association with A 24 but no association with B locus alleles. The association of HLA-A locus in Iranian MS differs from previous studies in other parts of the world [4,7,8] as well as Asian countries [9,10]. Professor, Neurologist, Beheshti University school of medical sciences,
doi:10.17352/2455-1414.000072 fatcat:zmaci3x2q5gpbdmvti5oihaugi