Convergences about the river. Transmedia Narrative for cultural identity

María Elena Tosello, Micaela Block, Silvana Mariel Fontana, Patricia Mines
2020 Blucher Design Proceedings   unpublished
Visualizing the richness of a locality cultural heritage for its value as a source of social identity, requires means and actions that contribute to recognize it. The design of a documentary transmedia narrative that incorporates territorial navigation and integrates open and multiple citizen participation, constitutes an action aimed at disseminating and enhancing the city's immaterial cultural assets. The study made possible to survey the intangible heritage manifestations and to analyze the
more » ... elevance of the available media and their communicative potential. It also constitutes an initial step for the creation of a useful database to manage its safeguard.
doi:10.5151/sigradi2020-112 fatcat:5bbiobaqf5gevis7enimem5dza